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starkid - overwatch oc by voidsounds starkid - overwatch oc by voidsounds
hey kids itsa me! so i figured i should submit this now because i finally finished their reference! this is my (somewhat self insert lmao) ovw oc! wonderful base by DarthSuki

note that i play on console so thats how the controls are c:

Name: Avis Fallow

Race: White

Age: 24

Gender: Nonbinary

DOB: October 11th, 2053 (10/11/53)

Job: Actor

Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation (formerly)

Base of Operations: New York City, NY

Role: Support

Height: 5’ 7” (170.2 cm)

Weight: 128 lbs. (58 kg.)

Health Max: 200

Ammo Max: 20


Background: Avis was born in New York City to her mother, after their father left upon hearing of their mother’s pregnancy. Avis wasn’t particularly wealthy and did not particularly excel in school, but they shone in theater productions, so their mother gave lots of time to Avis’ passion. Dariel, a close childhood friend, supported them throughout their life, and the practically grew up together. Many either thought them to be dating or siblings. In reality, his father (a single dad) and their mother were very close, leading to their children’s strong bond. They were professionally trained in ballet, tap, and contemporary dance, as well as being vocally coached for years. The Omnics still dominated theater spaces, as their voices and personalities could be modulated to fit roles perfectly, though Avis did not give up on their dream. They soon rose to be a young star, actively participating in productions in smaller theaters and working backstage at larger theaters to gain experience during and after college in the prestigious Julliard. Dariel had been accepted to work for Vishkar a year earlier.

Though the Vishkar Corporation’s main focus was on reconstructing villages ravaged by the Omnic crisis, they soon found other convenient uses for their technology that would bring in some extra money on the side. New hard-light spotlights were installed in major theaters across the world, allowing for ever more realistic sets that were easily created by architects and easily moved, allowing stage and tech crews to simply design and watch their hard work. The most popular were New York City’s collection of Broadway theaters, and aspiring actor Avis Fallow was just making their debut as an understudy/stage crew member when Vishkar started to install the lights. They recognized their talent and had them manage the lights from the theater, and they gained popularity in the theater world as both a lightsmaster and actor, starring in many shows and creating revolutionary sets.

Avis, however, wanted to do more. Though they loved spreading happiness and inspiration through shows and music, they always admired the fabled Overwatch group, though the public had destroyed their image. The Vishkar Corporation saw their passion, intelligence, and strength, and allowed their shows to tour worldwide, bringing theatre to impoverished places still recovering from the crisis. Excited to spread their passion and reunite with their best friend, they quickly accepted. Though Avis’ work is mostly safe, there are many who despise Vishkar and how they ruined their communities, and Avis being a popular spokesperson makes them an easy target. Armed with some Vishkar weapons, they are versatile and ready to defend their art until the end under the alias Starkid.

Recently, as Vishkar becomes more and more corrupted, ravaging areas that they promised rejuvenation, Starkid has become more of a peacekeeper between Vishkar and the public, and when riots occur (which is fairly often), they are seen ensuring the safety of civilians and workers with their technology. Their strength adds to their power, and their unique abilities always put the opposing side on edge, though they don’t always side with Vishkar. Opposing fighters are often flanked by Starkid.


Inventory/Accessories: Two light guns (similar to D.Va’s or Mercy’s) that shoot concentrated photons. The nozzle can adjust its size to change how wide and powerful the show is. One is usually set to fire “bullets”, and the other is used to fire “streams”. (Switch weapons by pressing right button)


Ability One: Glare Shot – Starkid shoots their light gun with the nozzle nearly closed, firing “bullets” that cause damage. (R2)

    ·         Linear Projectile

    ·         20 damage per shot

    ·         Projectile travels at 40 meters per second

    ·         6.8 rounds are fired per second

    ·         Reload takes one second

    ·         Headshots

    ·         No cooldown

Ability Two: Spotlight – Starkid shoots their light with the nozzle widened, creating a spotlight effect that, when shone on a teammate, energizes them, boosting their damage by 40% and their speed by 20%. (L2)

    ·         Prolonged beam (similar to Mercy’s Caduceus Staff)

    ·         Uses up 1 ammo per second used

    ·         No cooldown

Ability Three: En Pointe – Starkid goes en pointe and twirls while flashing their enemies 5 times with blinding light emitting from both of their guns. This makes them confused, making their movements erratic and hard to control and their aim sloppy and wavering. (R1)

    ·         Causes no damage

    ·         Lasts 5 seconds

    ·         Uses up 5 ammo

    ·         10 second cooldown

Ability Four: Falsetto – Starkid sings a soothing melody while having their gun on a wide and gentle beam, healing a teammate 30 hp per second. (L1)

    ·         Uses up 3 ammo per second used

    ·         No cooldown

Ultimate: Role Change – The symbol on Starkid’s belt illuminates, and they can choose to change or enhance their role for 20 seconds (or until death) by pressing various buttons.

    ·         Offense (X) – Both of Starkid’s light guns close their nozzles, allowing them to fire extremely concentrated photon bursts at a normal rate with increased damage. They now do 40 damage per shot and fire one after the other, similar to Reaper’s guns (but at a much faster pace).

    ·         Defense (circle) – Starkid’s nozzles expand to their max, creating a wall of hard light that shields their teammates. The shield is 1 meter x 1 meter and has 1000 health. Being behind the shield also heals teammates at a rate of 25 hp per second (added on to any additional healing being done).

    ·         Tank (triangle) – Drawing both guns, they point them at the floor, sending a blast of light coursing through the area and shooting back the enemy team. The blast damage ranges from 700 damage to 50 damage depending on how close one is to the blast. It has a hit radius of 15 meters. Starkid is hurled into the air upon using this, avoiding the blast (similar to D.Va’s ejecting from her mech. Same controls apply as well).

    ·         Support (square) – Both guns are used as buffing streams. Any target affected gets their damage boosted by 60%, their speed boosted by 40%, and their health constantly regenerating at a rate of 50 hp per second. Their own speed is boosted so they can follow who they are buffing.

starkid - :iconvoidsounds:
overwatch - blizzard entertainment company
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soloace1044 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
Dont take that the wrong way. I sincerely like your artstly and character
voidsounds Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no i didnt think it was rude or anything! i genuinely appreciate the feedback! c: thank you!!
soloace1044 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
Race: white. Priceless
voidsounds Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well i mean its true lmao,, they're meant to be kind of a self insert and as a white person i mean im not gonna say im anything else o v o
soloace1044 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
Well i mean. Caucasian is an adequate word to describe white people, such as u and i
voidsounds Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's true! honestly it was the last thing i needed to fill out i might change it later! tbh at first i was gonna put race: human lmao thank you!! ovo b
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